Tuesday, March 29, 2005


i don't really have much to say today. looking for something to post, i picked through some random pictures i have in an envelope and found this one. it's from Vallsta, my grandparents' old summer house in Sweden. these were the swings behind the house. rusty and simple, but they sure worked! i can remember just how the little wooden plank seat felt. and the wildflowers all around - blaklockor, prastkragor (kalla den anglamarken eller himla gjorden...)- blommorna syns inte sa bra pa fotot. det har var val ca. 1977.

now i'm off to find a snack before American Idol. i didn't watch tv at all for about over 5 years and now i'm hooked on American Idol. and the L Word.

does anyone know why i'm getting a radio station through my computer speakers? it's quite irritating. even while music is playing, there's this faint radio also coming through. i think it's like an AM sports station or something useless like that.

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tania said...

What a great photo. i can just smell the pines and feel that warm summer barefoot feeling of being a kid...
ahhh the good old days!

and I don't know how to help the speaker thing! how annoying...