Friday, November 11, 2005

kusin karin and friday links

in a week my cousin karin visits from sweden. she's the first of my 8 swedish cousins to visit me in SF! i'm excited about it. karin is the most hip of all my cousins (sorry kusiner if you're reading this). she's hip without an obnoxious hipster attitude. she's all talented and stylish and funny and smart and nice (can you tell i like her!?). karin came and lived with my family for a few (?) months when i was in about third grade. as i have no siblings, it was such a treat to have her around like a big sister. i don't remember that much from her stay except that i forced her to play many clappy games and she endured them. she ate ketchup on a lot of her food. she liked participating in adult conversations (which i couldn't understand, clappy games being so much more fun than adult conversations). the room she stayed in at our house was forever after called karin's room. anyhow. this is a picture of us in stockholm the summer before last.

some friday links:
meninas aos riscos
yoko tanaka
green knickers
the heads of state
natasha fialkov
lizette greco

sorry if some of these are repeats.

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kusin karin said...

Hihi! Sköna bilder Shash! Och tack för alla snälla ord :-) Jag börjar packa idag - ska bli jättekul att ses! Skickar ett mejl med tider och lite frågor alldeles snart... kram!