Monday, November 14, 2005

self portrait tuesday: serious santa

a santa beard from the scarf that is underway. unfortunately i can only knit about 5 rows a day because knitting messes with my neck/back. such a bummer since i love to knit!

i know this is a pretty pathetic spt. here i said after halloween that i love to be in disguise and yet i haven't gotten it together for this month's spt theme exploration of identity at all!


mati rose said...

are you really making a beard?! maybe a stash for shash too:)

natasha said...

you could make a cowl kind of thing that has a beard on it. that would be very cute! and if you used fun furry like yarn, it would look like a fuzzy beard even more.

i just wanted to say, again, i think, that i looooove your hair. i had crazy punky hair when i was younger and then in college grew it very long and had long hair for years. i cut it to my shoulder a while ago and then decided to get a choppy crazy cut and never looked back. it is so much more fun. i loooove your hair. it is so youthful and flattering. you look like a new wave school girl. yeah!