Thursday, November 03, 2005

pet to blog

this (timer) pic is me realizing when scratching pinky leon's cheeks, that he has a bunch of slobber on him (he doesn't normally drool, so i'm not sure what was up with that)

this second pic is pinky leon being a ham.

i'm getting a bit sick of all these pics of me. will try to post some arts and crafts and links soon!


nichola said...

I love the second picture. I bet you couldn't take that again if you tried.

Camilla Engman said...

Love the second photo.
I'm sick of my nature pictures, maybe we can change, I'll post some pictures of you and you'll have some of swedish nature ;)

mav said...

LOVE this!

Alicia said...

What an adorable picture -- just stumbled upon it I don't know how, but it's making me rethink my attitude today (which is poor). I love how the suitcase above echoes kitter's curious eyes. So sweet.