Saturday, November 18, 2006

late friday flickrs

screenprinting screens and apron strings

i'm exhausted from screenprinting my holiday cards today. i think the exhaustion is from doing something that i don't really know how to do, and from standing in an awkward (and somewhat tensed) position for three hours while squeegee-ing. the cards came out ok. could be worse, could be better. but i'm actually pretty happy with them. will show the results monday. i didn't make it any easier on myself the way i set the drawings up on my transparency. it's hard to reevaluate and think straight at kinkos (where i made the transparency) because it's so frenzied in there. everyone in there is pissed. the customers are pissed because no employees help you anymore at kinkos. it's all self service now (as i'm sure some of you have experienced). so all of us who are used to the old, more customer service-oriented kinkos get frustrated. (well, i am used to the new kinkos now and rarely try to get help, but even getting an employee to pay attention to you when you're waiting to pay, is difficult.) and the employees are pissed because they (i assume) are expected to be completing all their orders, while having to deal with a bunch of pissed off customers.

but anyway. i still like kinkos because you can just go in there off the street and use their papercutter (which i plan on doing tomorrow). they just don't care. (they also have a scissors, tape and stapler for people to use. in case you're ever like walking around and you suddenly need to make a paper snowflake or {i'm trying to think of something where you'd need scissors, tape and stapler, but i'm too tired.} something.)

so here are the flickr faves for this week.

good things come in twos this week apparently.

empty apartment

ok this one isn't in twos, but i love it.


jenny vorwaller said...

so curious to see the cards! :))

bugheart said...

can't wait
to see your
cool cards.

i worked
at kinkos
for 10 months.
i was in love with
using all their
their big
electric cutter}
for all my projects.
loved it.

love the
flickr favs
esp. the last one!

Michele said...