Monday, November 13, 2006


another one of these old post it doodles (i need to get out and take some photos!)

i imagine karin or camilla may have already posted about tiogruppen, but in case not, and in case you haven't heard of them, here's a bit about tiogruppen (directly translated = the ten group). from their site:

Ten Swedish Designers was founded in 1970, when a group of ten young textile artists and designers joined together. They had a previous collective experience of having their designs rejected by the Swedish textile industry, with motivations asserting that their designed patterns were “unsaleable, too advanced and non-commercial.”

here is one of the first posters they produced together.

tiogruppen became very successful in sweden (and beyond). their work has been in numerous museum exhibits and they have worked on collections for IKEA and ahlens (big department store in sweden). today there are three of the group still working together, selling their new products in their store in stockholm (picture of store here).

some of tiogruppen's designs aren't exactly my style, but i appreciate how bold their designs were/are and how they worked together, inspired and supported each other, and created their own thriving business. you can click on the red links on this page to see various designs throughout the years. i like thread (1999) and meeting (2000).

as i've mentioned before, i've always been drawn to the idea of collectives (housing, art, craft, business), perhaps because i'm an only child and i romanticize group efforts. but this is one of my dream jobs, to design and make art and exhibit/promote/sell it collectively with other designers/artists.

thanks kind readers/friends for your words of encouragement on the job front.


kusink said...

I looove your post-it doodles! Don't stop doing (and posting) them ever! And thanks for all the comments on my blog :-) An e-mail is coming your way shortly...

abby said...

okay-whenever you are ready-let's do it!
Wouldn't that be so awesome?!
great links-abby

Fran said...

I fell in love with Tiogruppen's work when I visited Stockholm a few years ago. I rarely see anything about them in the US press/blogs. A fun surprise!

anne said...

your doodles look just like fabric designs to me! i see them hanging in a window already :)