Sunday, November 12, 2006

on pasta, typewriter ribbons and jobs (again)

the back room of lucca, the italian shop in my hood that sells fresh pasta. i guess this is the pasta-making room. i've never seen it before. it's covered in flour! so soft. looks like snow. i kinda want to go in there and play in the flour.

this evening i changed the typewriter ribbon on ol' remy. not as easy as it sounds. had to thread the ribbon onto the spools manually. my fingertips are now a bluish black. but it is quite satisfying to now be able to easily read what i type on the thing. and i don't have to bang the keys with such great might (just a little might). i found a fun typewriter website for those of you into that sort of thing. (and i KNOW a lot of you are.)

so it looks like i'm going to be tutoring kids in the public schools part time. i'm pretty excited about it. i think it will be challenging in a good way. but i still need to find about 10 hours more of work a week. any bay area peeps have any need for a part-time worker at your place of employment?

it's funny because abby has written some about her change of jobs. i wrote to her a little while back saying something like, "my ideal job doesn't exist. because right now my ideal job would be hanging out with old people one day a week, tutoring kids one day a week, baking one day a week and making stuff a few days a week." when i got the tutoring gig, i thought maybe i could actually create a version of my mishmash ideal job, at least while i'm in school...some days i think positive thoughts like this, and other days i think very narrowly about my job situation and feel frightened. it helps to keep thinking about dream jobs though, and to hear/read about all of your job struggles, compromises and successes.

my next post will be about another kind of dream job of mine, and about some inspiring people who made (a version of) that dream job happen.


anne said...

congrats on your new job, sounds really good !! thinking of a dream job is a good thing, because it makes on find out what one really wants :) the pasta-maker photos are great!

lisa s said...

shash... been meaning to email you back... i think you can totally do a mishmash of jobs... and if i hear of anything i will definitely let you know!!

i think if you put it out there... it starts to come...

Anonymous said...

Hi Shash,
I'm with you about not putting all your eggs in one basket. I think having many income streams is a great way to work. I love the variety and also that feeling of freedom...that you're not really tied down to any one job. Have you read the book 'Do what you love. The money will follow' By Marsha Sinetar? It's written very simply, but it's so motivating. My copy is tattered because i read it all time when i feel discouraged. One day i'll pop you an email to tell you a bit more about myself. I'm going through a major career change...with all it's peaks and valleys. I'd love to share some more with you.

Take good care,

bugheart said...

i agree with lisa...
there's gotta be
a way
this can all come
to you...
love the idea
of a mishmash
of jobs...
it must be
out there for you
or we have
to be on the look out
for your
cutie sugar mama.

abby said...

oh-I really hope that it works out. there are certain aspects of the company i work for that I maybe should have taken into before accepting the job. i was just a little worried and didn't take time to think. that is the hardest part-being able to take the time to find what is perfect for you. i really hope that something comes along. the pasta factory is rad!

Frances said...

Hurray! I forgot to ask you about your job when I saw you - and so nice to see you both Saturday evening! You're going to be a great tutor... :)

JessRedRose said...

Good luck with the job hunt - I'm trying to think of a job that would combine some or all of your interests... there's got to be one out there! Maybe a job at a community center?

jenifer74 said...

that typewriter site is terrific! i love my old clackety typewriter.

a mish mash of jobs like that would be wonderful huh? i often dream about that kind of thing too...part time this, a little bit of that...a coupla hours of this...all while getting just the right amount of $ to keep it all going...sigh...put your partly there - keep going!!

May said...

Have you seen this awesome t-shirt with the typewriter on it:

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