Monday, November 06, 2006


this weekend i started to gear up for an open house+glogg+cookie+holiday party+sale that will be at my house on dec. 2. lisa s. will be selling stuff, as will erica, and 3 others who don't have blogs as far as i know, but who will sell jewelry, clothing and hats among other things.

worked on a bunch of these cards that are the result of my first screenprinting experience. lisa c. and i screenprinted at the mission cultural center. i love screenprinting! it's one of those things i've been meaning to try for so long. and of course once i finally did it i thought, WHY didn't i try this sooner?! (i am thinking of screenprinting my annual pinky leon holiday cards too.)

also finished one sheep today. she's currently hanging out with my own sheep. i stupidly threw out my sheep template (pinky had vomited on it-ew) a while back, without redrawing it first. dumbdumbdumb.

speaking of craft sales, i wish i'd made it to studio craft in portland. what a wonderful bunch of talented women!


Anonymous said...

glogg, i went to a glogg party once in chicago. it was so strong, warmed me to my toes! looking forward to your t & c card offerings.

vegasandvenice said...

Okay once again I have to say that I LOVE these!

Have a great day! Hugs!

jenifer74 said...

oh i love the new cards! what fun :)

...& holiday party! i want to see what all you fun, crafty gals are making...also, we used to sell glogg when i worked at restoration hardware...we only indulged once!

(the sheepies are might cute too!)

abbyjane said...

Great cards! I really like the design - are those fabric squares for the tables? And sheepy is so lovely!

bugheart said...

oh, how
i wish i
could come!
your sheep
are so
i could

bugheart said...
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lisa said...

i can't wait. did you make those sheep?? will they be for sale???

Kim Carney said...

Cards are wonderful!

karin said...

what a lovely idea!

karin said...

what a lovely idea!

shash said...

hi and thanks all!
abbyjane, yes, the tables are cut out squares and the fabric sewn on the inside of the card.
lisa, yes, i'm hoping to have at least 2 or 3 sheep at the sale