Saturday, June 02, 2007



stack of cds for the cd exchange. i am pretty happy with the design. unfortunately i think the glue i used is having a weird affect on the paper (making it kind of grey-black). this paper was probably not the best for printing.
the shelter cover is inspired by sean hayes' song, rosebush inside about moreese bickham.
the lyric on the animal cover is from slow pony home by the weepies.
insert is here and here.

and below is the first cd i've gotten from the exchange. very exciting, and sarah's mixes are great!


celeste said...

i've lost my addresses! i have all the packages ready to go. i've recently cleaned my studio and *can*not* find where i placed the list. thanks so much!

two trees said...

oh gosh, what a terrific creation, i can't wait!!! mine are late :(, thry'll be going out on friday! this has been such a fun project! can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!

paula said...

I got mine last night and I *love* it! The packaging is amazing (I don't see any problems with the glue). I'm really curious how you managed to print on the cardboard - the effect is really nice, especially the art.

Thanks again for organizing this. :)

(Apologies if this posts more than once..having some trouble with the comments.)

cruststation said...

Your did a great job with the CD design and insert, it's so professional! It was such a lovely idea, I would love to participate in the next one.

ramona said...

I got your cd today. thank you so much! great design & package. the music is yet to be heard. I also got sarah's music first :-) Mine will go out within the next week. Half of the packages are already here to be mailed out.

cordeliaknits said...

Hi there! A friend of Celeste's here.

She showed me your cd yesterday and told me about the swap, and I am heartily impressed! I loved your packaging and am wondering where you got the brown paper cd holders (if you're willing to share the info)?

Also, I would love to participate in a swap like this if you ever do one again!

shash said...

hi there,

thanks for your nice commments!

cordelia, i got the paper and cds at Arch, but i bet they have it at other art stores that carry paper. it's Kraft paper. at Arch they also have those same cd cardboard holders in white.

paula, it's printed on paper and then glued to the cardboard.


bugheart said...

the design
of the cd
is just goergeous...
and i love
the songs...
grub stole it
took i to work!