Friday, June 15, 2007


i'm off (taking the train, which i am very excited about) to grass valley this weekend to visit a friend, and then to my parents' next week for i don't know how long. been going through some rough patches lately. it's odd how sometimes that leaves me feeling completely uncreative and other times it makes me want to make things. right now it's the latter. part of me doesn't want to go away this weekend because i think i'd get a whole lot of stuff made. (and i haven't made much for some time!) but i am looking forward to visiting with my friend and getting out of town and into the trees for a bit.

here are two SF windows for you.

if you click on this one, you can read a bit about it.

have a good weekend!


bugheart said...

gorgeous photos!
have a

kusink said...

Ååhh vilka fina bilder! Den där första var ju helt amazing!

Är också inne i en konstig period nu och försöker kanalisera det hela till något kreativt. Svårt ibland, som du säger.

Ha det fint hos din kompis och hälsa mamma & pappa!

Tiffany (formerly known as Listoria) said...

Oh, the kitty! How cute.

mati rose said...

can't wait to hang out! love the windows and moreover that i recognize them:)

Jude said...

Beautiful photos - I love how you have captured the reflections too.