Wednesday, June 20, 2007

little things

hearing laurel laugh on the phone as she tries to hold the phone while also holding her baby girl. her boy close by. always now when i talk with her on the phone, she is laughing while herding and responding to the little ones. so sweet to hear the joy in her voice over the madness of motherhood. she appreciates the humor of life's craziness. between the laughing, the phone keeps beeping in our ears, as laurel's cheek accidentally pushes the number buttons.

getting kim's cd mixes in the mail, one with a parental advisory for explicit lyrics. there i was toning down my mixes and one of the older (though clearly spicier) bloggers busts out the explicit lyrics. she reminds me not to care quite so much about what others will think and to be oneself.

picking up my requested books and cds at the library - they have great stuff for free. gifts for everyone.

listening to nick drake's sad, beautiful songs (cd from the library).

receiving emails from anya, a childhood friend, telling me a secret and sending old photos to make me laugh.

pinky leon cuddling up to me, resting his head on my arm. pinky leon being a cat.

my mom calling every day (even if she doesn't always say the right words).


Kim Carney said...

And my husband made me tone it down ;) because he was being cautious for me ;)

And your mom calling everyday, that is terrific. I love my mom being here with me, even though, sometimes, it can be quite interesting ;)

kusink said...

Sweet cousin, I always get at warm feeling in my heart when reading your posts. Thank you for being you! ... And I feel the same about the parent-calling-thing ;)

alma vogler said...

wow...what a coincidence..i was listening to nick drake just now...

Di said...

Ahhh Nick Drake- I heard a piece of his music on the radio once, and it's the only time I've ever called up a radio station because I HAD to know more- I thought it was something new, and was so sad when I discovered that he had committed suicide in the 70's. He's just come up on my ipod too as I type this... beautiful..