Tuesday, January 01, 2008

in 2008

i hope to:

sit in front of the computer less (unless i have a project to do on it)
if i'm not working this coming semester while going to school, do some volunteer work!
get into some group activities (knitting, having dinner parties, walking/hiking, playing board games...)
find a graphic design internship in the fall
draw a pattern/doodle a day (made myself a recycled journal for this one already)
make a graphic design-focused website and take down ol' mecozy
try new recipes, cooking with the seasons
learn more about: slow food, permaculture, gardening, sustainable housing, potential places to move to, how to practice graphic design (and live) in environmentally-responsible ways
dance more
talk more
try new things more
meet a sweet gal, magically not have to deal with excruciating dating, and fall in love (of course, this was on my list last year as well)

in thinking about creativity for 2008, i really like what keri has to say in her dec. 21 post, kidd me not. although i crave inspiration from and connection to you bloggers (and readers), and i will, i'm sure, still visit certain blogs regularly, i'm going to try to focus more on creating and less on comparing this year.

hope you had a good new year's eve!


amanda said...

good, solid hopes for 2008 :)

I really like what you (& Keri) said about more creating and less comparing - it's too easy to fall into the comparing trap, isn't it? i just love the craftblog world, and get so much inspiration from it, but on the odd occasion, I do find myself comparing my "output" to those I admire, and have to remind myself that that misses the point. so, thanks for bringing it up and reminding me, and here's to striving for balance :)

jenifer74 said...

those are good ones shash....i'll take you up on any of the group knittings, dinner parties, & board games :)

and in that spirit of lessening the blogostratosphere of comparison, i've already taken down a lot of blog links...i'm trying to pare it down too & focus on making/creating with only the occasional dip into to check in with the blogs :)

happy 08 xxx.

karin said...

Hi Shash,
that's a great list, many interesting things on it. Yes, the computer is a time-thief ( it's a wonderful source for inspiration too, of course :)
Wishing you much success and fun with your upcoming projects and hope you'll share!