Friday, January 18, 2008

happy weekend!

all of my shoes (and actually tights, jackets and bras too—argh) are running out on me at once. this is a new pair. they have straps with big round buckles, which you can't see here. i am a sucker for big buttons or buckles.

flickr favorites this week are people themed:
what a cute kitchen, with nice colors, cute people, cute dog, fun stripes and funky shapes.
portrait on a train. i am a fan of train travel photos.
pretty light and interesting portrait.
swedish hipster in front of sweet curtains.

my list of movies to rent is growing long after checking out abby's beautiful movie week.


bugheart said...

you always
such great
flickr picks.
i am a sucker
travel photos
have a

abby said...

I can always count on you to find the most amazing flickr gems. Thanks and have a good weekend, too!

mav said...

your favs make me smile. happy weekend!

karin said...

Weekend is almost over now here. Hello! I like your shoes and the Swedish hipster.

dandelion said...

fab shoes shash:)...x

jenifer74 said...

good faves shash :) see you friday!

karin said...

just tagged you on my blog!