Friday, January 25, 2008

goodbye mecozy

goodbye mecozy

i've taken down my mecozy website (but am keeping this blog). it feels like forever ago that i started making tea cozies (of all things!) and put mecozy up. it was four years ago when i made my friends play tea party dressup for the first version of the site. (on the homepage, they transformed from grannies into hipsters.) anyhow, it's time for a change, and mecozy has been very out of date for a while now.

in the summer i'm going to work on making a (mostly) graphic design site for myself. i may still post stuff i make on etsy now and again. (thinking of putting some leaf earrings up there soon.)
until the new site is up, i do still have two (reorganized) links pages: page 1 and page 2.

if your link fell off in the transition, it's nothing personal—just a mistake. email me at and i'll stick it back on there.

thanks to all who supported my little tea cozy+ adventure!

(i was looking back at who i first interacted with through blogging. it's kind of amazing how early on i met mati and lisa, both of whom live just blocks away. also
in looking back at some of the first comments i received, i rediscovered clotilde, who has two blogs.)

have a good weekend!


mav said...

oh wow. a new venture. hate to say goodbye to those cozies {especially since my cats ruined mine earlier in the fall {erg}. i wish i still had mine. always wishing you well, shash. xx

Amber Leilani said...

change is always good, i think. and a new venture and/or goal is always exciting. glad you are keeping the blog. i enjoy it greatly. and thanks for all the wonderful links showcasing the creative talents of others around the world. it's a great inspiration!

bugheart said...

it's sad
to think
you are
moving on to
new things
and new places...
wishing you
all the best
in the new
and hope
to get to
see you
when i
get out to

jenifer74 said...

goodbye mecozy, hello little etsy shop i think! definitely do that :)

looking forward to seeing you again soon. xxx.

Débora said...

I love the tea cozies, but now I wish you the best luck for the new project :)
Beautiful the leaf earrings.

Anonymous said...

bye mecosy! i loved those cozies- on to design- all the best luck!