Sunday, January 27, 2008

good links people

fika with pinky leon. mandarin orange, chocolate and red tea chai with cream and honey in it. lately i'm putting cream (as in heavy whipping, not just half and half) in everything. what the hell i say.

new to me, two gorgeous blogs by the same gal.

this book, the zookeeper's wife, sounds fascinating. i heard the author talking about it on npr.

have you heard about the mountaintop removal in appalachia? view the trailer to this important documentary in the making.

i may not post for a while as homework is piling up. have a good week!


hrsj said...

pinky leon is happy about your heavy cream decision.
Have a great week!

dandelion said...

sounds like a perfect fika date! loving the way the mandarin colour matches pinkey leon's fur...x

Katrina said...

i love the oranges & reds in this photo and how it's all sort of blurry/ dreamy like steam. lovely! also, i'm inspired by your heavy whipping cream dedication. we just made the upgrade from milk to half&half so i'm inspired by yet another potential upgrade. (nice to meet you in blog land.)