Tuesday, August 26, 2008

blooming in red

gould's 'duke of york' carnation, by edwin dalton smith

dianthus cultivars, anonymous illustrations

protea repens by henry andrews

images are from the tiniest of botanical illustrations books (really too tiny @ 5 by 6 in. pages), flora by brent elliot.

when skies are grey, a new to me pretty blog
ray fenwick's new the illustrated guide to a life of mystery
fin foils + crafts (bay area friend's surf/polaroid/projects blog with nice background music to it)


jenifer74 said...

i totally bought that ray fenwick poster to hang up in my office. and, 2 surf films of late that are worth a watch: "sprout" and "surfwise" :)

shash said...

i bought it too. at 12 bucks, it seems like quite a steal.