Tuesday, August 12, 2008

delicious books

i just finished reading plenty and was considering which i like most of these food books i've read of late: animal, vegetable, miracle, the omnivore's dilemma or plenty. i really can't decide. they are all terrific, well-written books. they all kept me rapt. they are funny, VERY informative, fascinating and mostly uplifting.

now i just want to keep reading books on these topics of the industrialization of food, global food issues, environmental issues related to food, local food/small farm issues, organics, the appreciation of flavor and food traditions, awesome chefs/cooks and the importance of diversity of crops/seeds.

it seems to me that the way we ("developed" nations) produce/consume/transport food (both in "developed" and "undeveloped" nations) is at the core of so many of the world's problems (hunger, obesity, disease, pollution, oil dependence, the end of thousands of small farms, spiritual disconnect). and as these books all touch on, food is one of the things we in america can control, on an individual basis anyway, to some degree. these books are uplifting because they are about people empowering themselves and their local farmers and food service folks. they tell of ways to avoid/battle/subvert/alter the gigantic, evil corporations and industries that control food production. plus there are mouthwatering recipes in these books.

i recommend them all! i am confident you will find them to be delectable.

have you read any related books i should add to my food book reading?


shari said...

i've read 2 of the 3 you've mentioned and loved them. on my to read list is the taste of place.
xo ps: thanks for your note. i sent along your email address to my friend.

jennifer said...

i've gotten half way through omnivores dilema and plenty, once i'm done with those i'll be going on to animal, vegetable, miracle. i'm glad to hear it's good!