Tuesday, August 05, 2008

singing pickathon praises

pickathon was even better than i expected—so much good, new to me music. i particularly enjoyed the red stick ramblers, pokey lafarge, crooked still, the everybodyfields, samantha crain and the midnight shivers, the old believers and loch lomond. (also saw sasparilla, sean hayes, jolie holland, hackensaw boys, martha scanlan, justin townes earle and the bad livers. whew!)

the sound board blew a fuse on loch lomond, and that of course was the best thing that could have happened. everyone scooted up and they played acoustic. they were terrific and their good energy was contagious. and such perfect-strange-funny-sad lyrics.

the festival was not at all packed with people. one could sit however close one wanted to the music. there weren't any drunken loudmouths. it was super pretty, with mount hood showing herself behind the main stage all the sudden on saturday. and it was the eco-friendliest festival i've ever attended. go pickathon go! i recommend it to you!

liz and i got up early saturday and drove into portland to go to broder and bolt. portlanders are just so nice.

also nice are jenifer, bob and dixie loo, our lovely pickathon companions, taco makers, vw spot sharers and chillin' kids.

more photos here.


Joshua Holt said...


Looks like you got some pictures of Crooked Still, a big favorite of ours.

We put up Pickerton photos and a review on our site as well. Our guy got some great shots!


The Author said...

It was a fun gig, that's for sure...