Sunday, April 12, 2009

easter in sf

i spent about three hours walking back and forth across town today. it was a good day for walking. and for finding these. there were sisters of perpetual indulgence all over the place, dressed to the nines of course in easter egg colored (and every color really) petticoats and gigantic (i'm talking biggest you've ever seen) lacy parasols. plus people dressed in all sorts of sparkly, shiny, skimpy wear. on part of my way home i was walking behind this compact guy in tight black jeans, boots and a mesmerizing shimmery, chainmail-ish, gold blazer-wrap thing. no shirt. very glam. his was maybe the subtlest costume, but still compelling. (maybe it was the strut.) apparently there was a hunky jesus contest too in dolores park. i didn't see any of the hunky jesuses however.


tania said...

i never knew easter could be so cheerful!
i love it-

shash said...

ha. true i spose. irreverent in good ways.