Sunday, April 26, 2009

man, i heart the sfpl

a bigger one.

today (as usual) there was a crowd of people waiting for the little mission sfpl branch to open. i went up to the new arrivals section, which is where i go when i don't have any particular book i'm looking to check out. a thin, very old lady with frothy white hair perused alongside me. i found several books to take home, including the learners by graphic designer chip kidd. i didn't know he wrote fiction! and judging from the first 30 pages, he writes very engaging and funny fiction. at first i was like, oh god, the type is so small—typical graphic designer! but it's true what they say, that readability depends on line length and leading as well as type size, because i'm not having a problem reading it, even with the 9.5 (or so :-)) point type.

this civil eats post led me here: the migrant project

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Chelsea said...

Total nasturtium envy!