Sunday, April 05, 2009

eggs + antony + flickrs

the above photo is a follow-up to this post. (i forgot to take a photo before eating lidia's eggs. hers are pointier than the other eggs.) so far henrieta's are winning the taste test, but i have yet to try gracie's.

oh my. i just listened (per jen's recommendation) to the fresh air interview with antony from antony and the johnsons. i love him. gentle, articulate and beautiful! his songs and his words are so moving. i cried through almost the entire interview.
here it is.

late friday flickrs:
bits of nature
sea fan
from ana ventura
stormy day

animal cuteness
from molly
five stones and a dog
goat family

1 comment:

asphaltandair said...

this is such a sweet post.
i would love to eat eggs and know the names of the chickens from which they came.
and such great names they are!!!