Wednesday, April 08, 2009

mad world

at home sick today. eating oranges and listening to the royal tenenbaums soundtrack (checked out from the library).

also reviewing adam lambert's beautiful mad world. and the tears for fears version of mad world. (please see the sweet dancing starting at 2:27 seconds.)


caramela said...

Hope you feel better soon

Kelly said...

get lots of R&R and feel better!


mati rose said...

oh i hope you feel better shash!
i just listened and watched the T&F's version. LOVE the dancing! then i checked out adam lambert... didn't know him. the crazy thing is both hugh and i have always loved the donnie darko version by gary jules and then hugh realized it was his friend from high school years later. check it out if you don't know that one please.
rest up xo,

shash said...

thanks gals. much better today.
mati, i do know that version. it's nice. how funny that hugh went to school with him!