Friday, April 01, 2005

books and weather

it's an amazingly beautiful day in SF today. just got back from Valencia St. where i bought four new books. there goes my paycheck. i got Unless, by Carol Shields, Fingersmith by Sarah Waters, Woman, An Intimate Geography, by Natalie Angier and Now Is the Time to Open Your Heart, by Alice Walker. i love having a stack of books ready for reading. the first three were recommended by Canadian librarian, Amanda, on her site etc. you can read her reviews of the books she reads. her site has all this cross referencing and indexing (the librarian in her i guess). check it out. lots of good recommendations.

here is the view from Mission, SF back steps this morning. downtown is not as far away as it looks here.

the trees are sprouting/growing leaves like mad these days.

my plan was to do some sewing today, but it's so beautiful out, i might have to go out again.

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amanda said...

oooh! Three of my most favourite books! Hope you enjoy them :)