Friday, May 06, 2005

comments, linkaloo and postcard swap

doh! thanks to mav for explaining to me that my comments were switched to only blogger folks being allowed to comment. now everyone can comment. so comment away!

links that have been added to my links page:

crafty blogs:

i heart sensible shoes crafty AND funny
friendbunny good stuff
misocrafty and some more good stuff

art: wow!


port2port one good-looking and cool blog. beautiful photos. and i like the "take your pet to blog" days. :-)

folks i sent postcards to in the swap:

Marta of
Jessica of
Tania of
Susanne of
Jen of (you've never seen so many cute pink kitties!!!!!)
Joleen of
Katey of
Jessie of
Nicole of
Aimee Ray of

here are the 7 cards i've gotten so far in the postcard swap. thanks everyone! you all are so creative. i'm thinking about collage lately, so i'm especially drawn to the cards from kristen and hanna.

and one was missing a url


Hanna said...

Nice links! I'm glad you liked my collage!

Marta Mendes said...

I already have my card!!!!
I love it!!!!!

♥ joleen ♥ said...

I got your postcard and I love it! :D I really liked the metalic thread you used. I was in SF recently! :D Thanks for your compliments on my photos. Laguna Beach is so nice! What a lovely place to grow up! :D It's right on my way to work which is in San Clemente. *hugs*