Sunday, May 15, 2005

her blue body

Check out the beautiful slideshow Martha of Naive Knitting put together of bloggers' studio confidantes! Whatever Martha makes, she makes really well!

I finally went to Noe Knit, the latest knitting store to open in SF. I like it much better than other SF yarn stores (just from my first impression anyway). The woman who worked there today was so sweet. Maybe this was because it wasn't so crowded today with everyone at Bay to Breakers. At the other place I go, it's so crowded that the people who work there don't seem to have the time or the desire to answer any questions.Though the Noe store doesn't have quite as much of a variety of yarn, I will definitely be going back there.

Here is the delicious and heavenly yarn I bought today. I knitted half of the skein tonight - couldn't wait to see the colors coming out from the center of the ball. Call me earthy, but I love these colors!

Speaking of eathy colors, here is one of Alice Walker's beautiful poems about the earth and colors. I'm reading one of her books now. She is one of my very favorite, if not favorite, authors. Her poems, fiction and essays consistently move me more than anyone else's. Tears stream down my cheeks when I read her words, not just from sadness, but from joy and just from feeling so much. She's a healer.

We Have a Beautiful Mother by Alice Walker

We have a beautiful
Her hills
are buffaloes
Her buffaloes

We have a beautiful
Her oceans
are wombs
Her wombs

We have a beautiful
Her teeth
the white stones
at the edge
of the water
the summer
her plentiful

We have a beautiful
Her green lap
Her brown embrace
Her blue body
we know.


Martha said...

Oooh! A new yarn store in SF! I am going to have to go check it out.

amanda s. said...

Oh, that Alice Walker poem is just lovely. Thanks so much for sharing. And a perfect "match" to that luscious earthy yarn!