Saturday, May 14, 2005

papery roses

from the backyard

i like how the pink ones look like mexican tissue paper flowers.

my haircut yesterday makes me want to cut off even more! lately i just want to get rid of stuff. things and hair are weighing me down. must be spring.

some links: six and a half stitches, portakal agaci, my odd little forest, natascha rosenberg, yesterday shows another day is here

soon i will post something creative! unfortunately my search for housing/a housemate is rerouting my energy.


mav said...

i love what you're saying about hair & things. i'm addicted to getting rid of my things. and when i moved out east i chopped all my hair off and i just started wanted to keep it shorter & shorter ... your cut is adorable! i love the whisy/choppy ends! :)
thanks, as always, for the great links!
good luck with housing.... mav

Karen said...

luv your haircut! I've been wanting to cut my hair, it feels so heavy! You've just inspired me.

mati rose said...

nice haircut:) do you get it cut in the mission?

Kim Carney said...

Flowers are beautiful