Wednesday, May 11, 2005

last of the postcard swap, some links

here are the last 3 cards i received in the swap from Super K, Sandra and Melissa. thank you for the loveliness!

it's funny how the cards seemed to arrive according to theme. the first 2 i got were collage, then came some bears, and now these two bunny rabbits.

links soon to be added to my links page:

poster makers (i love these!): The Small Stakes, Bloom, The Bird Machine

paper makers (i love these too!): Herman Yu, Peculiar Pair Press

illustrators/artists: Cire (everyone against everyone), Obssessive Consumption, Kim's Suitcase, Elesavet

blogs: Soulemama, Not Martha,

Swedish blog: Skuggsidan


maria said...

hi! thanks for the AMAZING Peculiar Press link. i absolutely love it! {if port2portpress cards turn out even half as nice as these ... ugh, i hope!} and i just sent that Herman Yu link to designsponge last week ... great minds!! :) mav

shash said...

that's where i saw the herman link! what beautiful stuff! can't wait to see port2port press!
kerstin (shash)

Camilla Engman said...

Nyfiken i en strut!
Det står "listen".

Fina vykort (och länkar)

maria said...

that is so funny about designsponge! i love bloggins + passing on links, it all goes around & comes around! we have the same taste ... i just love the Herman Yu calendars which is why i sent them to G. it's so hard to find a well designed calendar. cheers!! have a great day, mav

mati rose said...

great links!