Friday, March 10, 2006


planning to load some cards onto an etsy shop very soon!

inspired by mav's week of favorites, here are some of my answers to her questions:

favorite color to work creatively with lately: hard to choose just one, but one that i've been into for some time now is this light turquoise-melon color you can see in the above cards. i noticed kath painted her floor this color. nice!

favorite music to work by right now: it's been a very male centered music week for me, which is a bit unusual. not sure why this was the case this week. but it's been cake, the decemberists, devendra banhart, etienne de rocher and low.

favorite breakfast food: again hard to choose. normally the ideal would be to share a savory and a sweet, like a scrambled eggs and hash browns along with a crepe with berries, chocolate and whipped cream. samosas are nice too. this morning however i boiled two tiny tiny brown eggs (they were very cute) and made a deviled eggs of sorts, pictured below on one of my favorite little plates.


a swedish breakfast i miss is fil. fil is sort of like yogurt, but not really. hur skulle ni beskriva fil svenskar?


Camilla Engman said...

Som du precis gjorde - like yoghurt but not :)

mav said...

oooooh. i love this. SO fun.