Tuesday, March 28, 2006

SPT: favorite dress

(just making up my own spt theme this week) had this dress since college. got it for cheap at a thrift store. i rarely wear dresses these days, but this is one i feel comfy in when i do...and with the boots i can still feel a little tough anyway.

so for the color focus theme thing, maybe let's start next monday so we can rally up some others? seems mav, stephanie and mary might be in now. i was thinking one color for the whole week, with maybe one of those flickr collages (which i have yet to make!) at the end of the week? what do you think? or maybe more ambitious folks could focus on one color a day for a week of color....mav suggested we decide on a color a day. what say you? i'm flexible!


Ashb said...

That sounds fun, let's do a color for each day! Either way I will participate:-)

mav said...

i'll do whatever just keep me posted .... HOW GRAND.
xo, mav

p.s. pretty dress!