Tuesday, March 14, 2006

SPT and pinky demands cheek rubs

this doesn't really follow this month's self portrait tuesday theme of time passing....except for the fact that these are taken in front of my computer screen, where i spend too much time!
other spt folks

here is little pinky leon getting peeved that i am not paying enough attention to him. he is batting me. doesn't he look slightly guilty while also mischievous in the last one? i haven't posted cat pics in a long time!


jess said...

hello pinky leon... great pics!

Daniel said...

hej! om du inte redan visste:


tack för cure-referensen i förra posten!! den värmde.

/d (eller dr. d numera :))

ashb said...

He is such a cutie! He does look guilty though:-0

mav said...

hello shash & PL. i like seeing you both.
be well! mav