Friday, March 31, 2006

art and wedding dresses

many of you know of mav's show us your art week this week. i haven't participated because i've shown most of the art i own on this blog or on my site already. was going to go through and link to them all here, but that's too time consuming! anyway, here are a couple pieces that i haven't ever shown.

(click photo to see larger)
"initiation" is by elizabeth williams who was in my printmaking class at ucsc. i bought this at a ucsc printmaking sale. in class the artist talked about how she would make her drawings on paper bags. i think that's why she chose a paper bagish-colored paper for this print. i like that and i love this little slightly frightened beast.

this is a very bad photo of a portrait of my mom drawn by my great uncle torsten bergmark. i wrote about him here.

on a completely different topic. i'm loving some of the nontraditional wedding dresses i'm seeing out there. despite the fact that i have misgivings about marriage as an institution, i do like ceremonies and celebrations and wedding dresses! look at these two beautiful ones.
jolayne's (check out the drawings at the bottom!) and
kristina's tulips!

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Kristina said... wonderfull tulip dress ;o)
The "drawing" dress is very cute and funny!