Friday, March 24, 2006

friday fun

rainy red steps

mecozy etsy shop: so i'm finally posting some cards on etsy. i got some back from the valentine show i participated in, so a few of those are on there. i will post some other cards too this weekend.

i saw a wonderful movie last night, everything is illuminated. it's sad, funny, and beautiful. wonderful colors, scenery, characters and story. i HIGHLY recommend it!

i finally started a my favorites thing on flickr. these two are my current favorites within my favorites.

a swedish design blog - fransson kane - neato

i'm thinking about doing a couple weeks or maybe more of taking photos focused on one color. maybe one color a week....the red-orange steps inspired me.


Shari said...

hi-love your cards...the graph paper envelope idea is great too! looking forward to seeing your photos based on color. what fun! take care, shari

lisa said...

hi kerstin. i love that photo so much. and thank you for the movie rec. in fact, i almost picked it up thursday and then put it back. now i will definitely rent it. have a fantastic week.

mav said...

i love your idea for color themed photos. if you wanted company ... i would love to jump into that with ya.

i'm honored to be in and among your favorites on flickr.

great photograph by the way!

shash said...

i'd love it if you joined me mav! anyone else want to do some color themed photos??

stephanie said...

I'd be in for a color theme!

mary said...

i'm definitely interested in a color theme. what a great idea.

i love those steps.

Misty Mawn said...

Our blogs feel so similiar...your choice for words and pictures...and your feelings. It's so strange connecting with people this way!
take care!!!