Tuesday, April 11, 2006

cute dog and habits

my parents' giant schnauzer payton getting a bath. this was taken in december. (amazing how december in so cal looks so much nicer than spring in sf. still raining, raining, raining here.)

(you're getting this old pic cuz i haven't taken any this week. recovering from last week's daily picture-taking/uploading etc.)

maria asked us about habit this week. i like the idea of habit. of going to the same place each day at the same hour and seeing the regulars. it seems like people in novels or in tv shows always have regular places they go to hang out with the other regulars. but what's interesting about that is when something unexpected happens to break the regularity.

i wonder what the purpose of habit is. it seems like it is to ground, calm, comfort.
but then there are people who make things habits in order to improve at something - drawing, swimming, etc. but even those activities also ultimately yield calm in a way??

i like a certain amount of habit in my life. but i have to watch myself so i don't get too comfortable in my habits. i finally had to take myself by the collar and give me a deadline for finding a new job. the problem is i don't know what i'm looking for. i'm a person who likes to have a goal and work toward it. but for six years now i've thought and thought about what my goal is/should be/what i want to do, and the thinking is not leading me anywhere. nor are the lists and brainstorms and discussions. it's time to just try something new. anything! just to get some movement going on. to break the habit. scary!


vegasandvenice said...

I am sending you all my best for your job search! I am completely searching for habit. Our lives get so jumbled and the time change has blown some of our habits out of the water! I hope you find some delightful habits!

Tine said...

I can so relate to that, sigh! ;-)
Habits do create comfort though and one's comfort zone, too (whole other topic altogether).

I also tend to analyse and think too much, way too much.
I'm in the same boat here and will get into action this weekend and next week.

What I noticed about myself is that since I'm a tactile person, too I literally have to do what feels good. ;-)