Saturday, April 08, 2006

pink & red and favorites from the week

1. store window pink accordion skirt and reflection
2. tomales point (from last sunday, but when i saw this hiker's red raincoat and red umbrella, i knew it had to go on my red day!)
3. thank you all for participating!

it's been quite exhilarating seeing all those colors this week! (my favorites linked to below) personally this experiment was challenging as i tend to focus on certain colors for months at a time or even years. but it did make me think a lot about focus. how focus can make you see certain things more clearly and distort other things at the same time. made me think, among other things, about all the random thoughts i get stuck in and what all i may not be noticing because of this...

the pink/red/lots of colors soundtrack:
the weepies:
tangerines are hanging heavy, glowing marigolden hues. teasing a half-pale moon. and i feel a pull to the blue-velvet dark and stars. pink magnolia, blushing and coy, savors the sun while she shines. you've got yours and i've got mine. together we glide through the blue-velvet dark and stars... all it takes is a little faith and a lot of heart, sweetheart.

the rolling stones:
She comes in colors
Have you seen her dressed in blue?
See the sky in front of you...
Have you seen her all in gold?
Like a queen in days of old
She shoots her colors all around
Like a sunset going down
Have you seen a lady fairer?
She comes in colors everywhere

She combs her hair
She's like a rainbow

thanks again everyone!
ps. a special thanks to mav who directed a bunch of you this way for the week of colors and for suggesting it be a color a day. (i was just going to do one color for a week originally.)

favorites from the week of colors:

yellows: ana's, lisa solomon's, lazyjane's

blues: mooncici's, abby's

greens: operation paper cut's green coat, mav's catgrass, shimmersnap's bowl

whites, browns, blacks: soulemama's son wow!, jumilla's lamps, happythings' snugglers, lisa solomon's bowl and garlic, meredith's black and white, abigail percy's, mav's, camilla's, birdinthehand lisa's, cedarseven's, mayfly (can you tell this was my favorite day?)

oranges: mo.wask's jellyfish, mati's, windowsill's kitty (cousin of pinky leon??), bugheart's tights (on yellow day too), jenny vorwaller's, stephanie's pincone

pinks, purples, reds: mama k's, simple me's, friederike's

some of the many cool blogs i found through colorweek: truedesign, mizutamago, little messes, treats and treasures, alaska, long beach


simple me said...

Hi Shash,
I want to thank you for giving me a wonderful week of colours. Intentionally or not you provided a good educational exercise because by doing this one is more aware of the our surroundings, which is excellent for the creative process.
Many thanks...I really enjoyed it.

lisa s said...

hi shash... i REALLY want to thank you for such an inspiring endeavor.... you are so right about the focus aspect....

i have been thinking alot about how to continue this type of process...... thank you thank you!

vegasandvenice said...

Thank you for the inspiring idea! The Random Panty Color Generator and I had so much fun that we plan to keep going (which is why I did not post several pictures each day, I am saving them). I loved seeing everyones entries. It was also really neat knowing that we were all looking for the same colors at the same time! I hope this won't be the last time. Thank you Thank you!

Hayley said...

Thanks for the response on Whale Cay. It was $.01 on Amazon so I ordered it, but will postpone reading until summer.
This colorweek experiment has been wonderful! Not only did I finally make a connection to digital photography (and learn some basic functions of a camera), but I loved spending each day thinking about one colour, trying to see that colour in everything, and seeking it out. Some days I felt a bit rushed (taking pictures in the morning before work), but other days colours came together naturally. I would definitely do this again.
And I loved all your pictures, and your soundtracks. Cheers!

Sarah Jane said...

Such a great idea! I managed to partake on Orange day (I was a bit late in catching on) - Your idea had me visiting lots of new sites! Thank you.

Amy said...

Thank you for the idea. It was really interesting to do.

kylie said...

Fantastic idea and one which inspired me to start my own blog after many months of procrastination so I thank you for that. I did wonder off a little at the end but the process was fun while it lasted.

abbytrysagain said...

Hi shash!
Thank you so much for this idea; what fun it has been not only searching for and apriciating the colors around me but for being able to see color through the eyes of others. Let me know if you do it again!

Kim Carney said...

Thank you Shash, that was lots-o-fun! And a great idea.

maria said...

you're sweet to thank me but no need. i love how you thought of this ... how it all came together and to see so many talented people participating. like i said ... i want to do things like this more. we should all put our heads together.
:) lovely lovely images you have chosen and you have put out there. cheers much shash!
xo, mav

carolyn said...


Thank you so much for the inspiration.
I've met lots of new folks, and had so much fun with my images.

Your photos are gorgeous, look forward to keeping up with your blog :)

karin said...

white, brown, black was my favourite too! i've only been participating as a viewer and it's been so great seeing everyones colours all over the place! thank you :)

trudesign said...

Thanks for the link! Thank you more for the idea, I had a ton of fun!

laurie said...

such a wonderful series to follow and take part in - thank you! :)

erin scissorhands said...

glad you like my green coat! although i think you might have meant to post somebody else's coat perhaps?...because i dont know who "shimmersnap" is!

shash said...

shit! sorry erin scissorhands. i seem to have combined 2 green links i liked, your coat and shimmersnaps bowl. it's fixed now though. ;-)

Siri said...

Thanks for pointing out all the goodies!
Funny. I had no idea any of this COLOR stuff was going on, as we were out of town. I came home and started organizing pictures from our vacation according to themes, some of them by color, and posted them. Then, I started poking around the blogworld and noticed that Camilla had done something similar on her blog, and then I started seeing it everywhere! Guess I was feeling the COLOR vibe, too.
Great idea.

sabine brandt said...

Its been so much fun .... and Im very much inpired by a lot of bloggers .... THANKS :-D

sabine Brandt said...

Its been so inpiring to turn in on your great idea .... and funny to see everybody doing such a big job finding the color .... super ;-D

Annika Sandin said...

I completely missed this challenge of yours, but I have seen it on a lot of the websites you listed above. Nice idea and well done everyone!

bugheart said...

it was
a great idea
lots of fun
to you!

Anonymous said...



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