Friday, April 14, 2006

holy closeup!

i CAN NOT BELIEVE i just found the closeup setting on my camera. i've had the camera for over a year and have been so frustrated with not being able to take close pics. i assumed the setting would be on the dial on the top with the other settings - portraits, landscape, etc. but no. today i decided to take a look at the manual. doh! i can't believe i never looked in the manual for this. i am simultaneously kicking myself and very very excited.

be prepared for a lot of closeup pics now.

(sometimes i crave black olives like nothing else. i can eat a whole can. i love the lindsay olive font & design.)

happy weekend!


jess said...

yup, closeups are the thing! Have fun.

Tine said...

Close-ups have always been my favorites! Love it!!
Have fun shooting lots of pics, can't wait to see!

Happy Easter weekend!

alicia said...

I could eat black olives until they make me feel sick. Mmmmmm....

tyn said...

oh my... I must go ck. my camara!!! Thanks! and I wish I had some olives right now.