Thursday, June 29, 2006


beautiful fabrics that i bought at the great fabric store bolt on alberta st. in portland. what a small, but great selection they have! i'm really excited about the top ones. i think the colors on alberta st. inspired the top purchase. that and they're just great patterns.

another pattern i am loving is this one by abigail percy. wow!


kyrie said...

i love bolt! such a great store.

carolyn said...

so pretty, they mustard/yellow colors are especially.

mary said...

those are some fantastic choices! i'm definitely going to have to head to bolt next time I'm on Portland.

abby said...

Love your fabric!I just posted about the most awesome cds you sent me and realized, I don't think I ever thanked you for them!
Well, thank you for them and I do love them so. Jaems is trying to steal them for his busride to school-but they are too good to share-thanks=!

simple me said...

Absolutely gorgeous!