Saturday, June 17, 2006

vacation all i ever wanted

on my trip to so cal, i appreciated:

the beautiful hills surrounding my parents' house. they were still green but turning yellow in spots-yellow grasses and with yellowish orange flowers.

the quiet (i really want more of this!)

but also the loud chirping of various and many birds waking me up around 7:00 am

the view from my childhood bedroom window


delicious nature smells

beating my dad at ping pong for the first time ever (but mostly just appreciating that he put up the table for us to play and agreed to continue to play for 3 out of 5 after he had won 2 out of 3)

warm weather

being fed

the fact that for the first time i really didn't care if i ran into anyone from high school (a long overdue fact at almost 33 years old!)

a truly fantastic exhibit at the Museum of Photographic Arts in San Diego (see it if you're there!)

Material Possessions fabric store (i appreciated this store a little too much)

these two sillies (look at rolf's smile!)

and of course, my parents (dad not pictured because he stuck his fingers in his nose to ruin his pic and thinks i deleted that from my camera) and dear friend lindy and her family

HOWEVER, i missed a lot:
my cat
my housemate
my SF friends
my computer
my bed
swimming at the pool
not needing to go to strip malls for anything
city folk of the ruffled, rumpled, eclectic, haggard, queer, colorful, poetic, creatively dressed kind

tuesday i'm off to explore oregon and won't be posting. (tips still welcome! :-))


katskatryn said...

I really enjoyed this post, and the photo! Enjoy Oregan!

Kim Carney said...

sounds and looks like a vacation in paradise! Oregon should be fun too...waiting for travel update ;)

Siri said...

"View from my childhood window" that's a meme I could really get into!