Saturday, June 03, 2006

en overraskning! (a surprise)

got this sweet package from camilla in the mail. what a surprise and what a treat! tack sa mycket camilla! det gjorde mig verkligen jatte glad.

pinky leon i don't think has a very good nose. when i visit other dogs and cats, he never seems to notice/sniff me/my stuff. the only things he likes to sniff are eyelashes, breath, toes, and the occasional furniture. boy did he enjoy the swedish bark camilla sent though! that got a big, big sniff. (it was my favorite part too i think, though i like photo of the dogs in the woods. {is that really morran? i've never seen her like that! she's usually having tea parties. fikande med dockor. but i have seen her toppling some of her crocheted friends over lately...}and i am interested in the poetry book. i know i've seen that one in mormor's collection or in the house of someone i know...)

thanks again! tack tack. stor kram!

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Jessica said...

Your package seemed quite lovely. I like getting interesting nature related things from other places, feels like you have been there in some odd way.

My cats like to sniff my breath and nose for some reason, though I haven't been eating any cat food recently so...I don't really understand why?!