Wednesday, July 26, 2006

tasty bite

finally our SF fog rolled back in.
we can wear sweaters again in summer!
can sleep at night. maybe even with covers and a snuggly kitty.
can take the extra sheets down from the curtains.
can sew in the sewing room (which was the hottest room in my house this past week).
can do something without sweating (besides lay around hoping the party shuffle on itunes will make a good choice next so i don't have to get up and change it myself).
and can bake zucchini muffins with walnuts and chocolate chips!!


Anonymous said...

So nice to see a Marimekko's Unikko oven mitten in your pic! Here in Finland they are a sort of a nationwide must - everybody has some Marimekko and especially Unikko at home :) -jaana

Anonymous said...

Oj då! Nu märkte jag att du också talar svenska. Det är inte mitt modersmål men det år så kul att skriva lite svenska ibland! -jaana

Listoria said...

zucchini muffins with walnuts and chocolate chips, one of my favs!!

i'm happy your weather is better!


Shari said...

your muffins look wonderful. enjoy the cooler weather!