Tuesday, July 11, 2006

to be simple

first off, thank you for all your supportive comments yesterday! i will try to remember them when i'm feeling scared. y'all are sweeties!

so, i want to make a really simple, minimalist quilt. mostly white/light with small fields of bright color. like this photo or this photo or this photo.

somehow i always end up adding more fabrics and making things too busy. there are just so many good fabrics and colors, it's hard not to use them.

i am liking this particular corner above though.


amanda said...

I love the photos you've shown as inspiration...and it looks like the corner you've started is right on track! Lovely, lovely.

lisa said...

i can't wait to see what you do, k. it's such a great idea, and i know you can pull it off.

mati rose said...

great inspiration! quilting like painting is so much about editing, isn't it? i like the busy look tho, but it still has to work, right?

briana said...

I love where you are taking that quilt - the pattern mix is perfect, not too hokey or so minimilist that it's borring. you've re-inspired me to start one of my own.