Friday, July 28, 2006

friday flickr wardrobe remixers

(some of my housemate erica's clothes hanging on the line)

these wardrobe remix folks are so styley. here are a few:

apple green stitches
me loves cookies lotsa good ones
lucky olive
if i were rosemary woodhouse
lame liar i like this one
warholuva this one
of course dear birthday and persephassa
lil' slugger

i think the wardrobe remix needs:
some like stylish butch queer girl to post here. wearing buttoned down shirts and slacks. maybe some ties and such.
or someone who just wears cool t-shirts and jeans every day.
someone who wears old-timey seersucker suits and hats.

maybe they're on there. (i couldn't look through all the thousands of photos tonight, though i tried pretty hard.)


kylie said...

Why don't you step up to the plate and blow them away with your stylin moves? I could give it a go but I would just put them all to shame ;)

It is a fun group though.

shash said...

heehee. i was worried someone would say that. unfortunately i don't actually fit into those categories/wear any of those clothes i mentioned much. ;-)

vegasandvenice said...

OOh you are right those remix people are pretty cool! I bet that you would be a great addition to their pool!

Meredith said...

thanks for doing the hard work of sifting through the thousands of photos! and thanks so much for posting this. might help me break out of my 17 year long black t-shirt wardrobe rut.

bitsandbobbins said...

hi...creator of WR here. if you don't see something in the group, then post it! it's all welcome, as long as it's what you actually wear and feel is stylish and awesome. i want it to be a diverse place.