Sunday, September 24, 2006

erica gatts

above and below are pieces of art by my housemate and friend erica gatts (whose hair is much longer and curlier now). i snuck into her studio and took photos, and then asked if i could post them here.

erica is an architect/artist. she makes exquisite, architectural drawings at bars and cafes on napkins or whatever paper is on hand. she makes collages/paintings from old photos, scraps of things, plastic, paint and drawings. disassembling and assembling. layering. i love art with many layers (figurative and literal). secrets and discoveries.


kusink said...

Oh, I just looooove Erica's art! I wish my studio looked like that too... And she is such a wonderful, cheerful and witty person. Send my warmest hugs to her! Do you think one could wish for a piece of Gatts-art for christmas? ;-) ...I'll get back to you on that one!

Love you too, dear cousin!

Listoria said...

what great art! so interesting! thanks for sharing your housemate's work.


Shari said...

so lovely!

Anonymous said...

Love your work! SO inspiring, I bought a tea cozy from you right away. DO you have any of these fine art pieces for sale..or any left for that matter?