Friday, December 07, 2007

friday flickrs + sites

sometimes when i discover so many exquisite blogs and websites, i wonder if i should be blogging at all. (they are inspiring, but also sometimes discouraging, depending on my mood.)

ah-yi (of flickr fame)
maize (found through port2port)
the happy campers
angela liguori
francesca tallone (found through lena corwin)
there were more i bookmarked. where did they go? (i hate that.)

flickr favorites this week:
rocketina's kitty
he said he'd take me away (strange and good cat photos +)
i really like this poster
oh, mav's evening, wow.

juniorsenior on youtube with jd samson. makes me smile.
this too. especially good if you like miranda july and/or blonde redhead.



Love those shoes! I'll have no opportunity to wear my shoes until April or so; it's warm wintry boots for me for the next months. Or rubber boots, as we've had only rain for the past few days. Yes, having snow in winter is great (especially if the snow would stay) but I miss all my shoes...

shash said...

thanks. (i wasn't excited about the photo, so i took the shoes down.) they were cheap and are falling apart and are scuffed. weirdly, when i bought them they were black, but they've been turning a lighter silvery purple.

knittingiris said...

Have you seen this one? Or, maybe you linked to it sometime and that's how I came across it?

jenifer74 said...

woah. pattern clash site is amazing. beautiful. i could stare at all those for a long time. thanks for sharing.

idgie said...

i know what you mean about getting intimidated by all the other blogs - there are so many creative people doing beautiful work! but yours is wonderful, please don't doubt yourself! thanks for blogging!