Sunday, December 30, 2007

bye 2007

settling back in with pinky leon in sf. it's quiet now after my mom has left.

from 2007:

bands i'd like to listen more to (after hearing a couple songs by them in 2007):
camera obscura
lali puna
broken social science
the books

movies i enjoyed:
darjeeling limited
lars and the real girl
miss potter
half nelson (on video)
united states of leland (on video)
the lives of others
the namesake
the last picture show (on video)

books read and that i recommend:
animal, vegetable miracle by barbara kingsolver
the intuitionist by colson whitehead
hm, i read quite a few books, but i wasn't crazy about any of them like i was last year when i read the known world by edward p jones. recommendations anyone?

favorite eats:
heather's leek soup with blue cheese
carmelized brussel sprouts
laurel's key lime pie

what were some of your favorites?

happy new year friends/readers!

i hope 2008 is a more peaceful year for the world.


mati rose said...

hi there shash,
great way to end the year by remembering the above.
i'm about to start "the intuitionist" for my book group and am in the middle of "the omnivore's dilemma"-- have you read it? if not, we can do a swap for kingsolvers! btw, did you like bird by bird? i just noticed you read it.

13mimosa said...

Nice to remember favourites.

Movies, you actually listed two that I really enjoyed "Lives of Others" and "Half Nelson" (we also saw it on dvd). I also saw Eastern Promises and thought it was great.

Music - last year I loved Feist, particularly the latest Reminder album - we've got tickets to see her in Melbourne next month. Childrens tapes featured big this year too - Justine "I like to Sing" - very under 5 and very Australian.

Food. Eaten a lot of salad with smoked chicken breast in this year. Very easy peasy, but so tasty. Loving bbqed seafood now that our yard is finished and we've finally cleaned the bbq and replaced the rusty bits.

I look forward to be surprised in 2008 by things I otherwise may not have tried/read/watched/listened to.