Wednesday, December 19, 2007

recycled gifts

made a couple more journals. here's five and a half's how to.

a sampling of the many many blogs i need to add to my outdated links page:
asphalt and air
eddy and edwina
sweet sassafras


karin said...

:)) You're sweet, Shash.
This how to make your own journal link makes me very happy. I love books very much and bookbinding fascinates me a lot. Something I want to try in the new year. Your journal is beautiful, love the clear envelope for finds.

shari said...

love these journals. i like using found papers or the insides of envelopes. cheers!

dandelion said...

these are cool shash!...x

shash said...

hey friends!
karin, that clear envelope is from the post office! they put stamps in them here. i like them.

Kim Carney said...

i have been collecting papers to make one! I love those ... were they difficult?