Saturday, December 15, 2007


screenprinting tables at the Mission Cultural Center

when i left the screenprinting room, i passed some kind of ballroom dance class first. further down the hall an african dance class. in the lobby downstairs people were gathering for an event or art gallery tour? and right outside, a musical performance was underway, with a crowd gathered around the musicians. the whole building was so lively! it made me think about how much goes on in SF all the time, and about how i need to get out more. and screenprint more.

i'm not so happy with my screenprinted cards this year. but as usual, i learned some stuff about screenprinting for next time.

now comes the harder task, finding all the scraps of paper with people's addresses on them. my address "book," is all too lacking in bookness. it isn't real or virtual. it is torn corners from envelopes, moving cards and scribbled notes carefully saved and put, where? it's about time i start entering these things in this fancy machine i spend so much time in front of!

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dandelion said...

i know what you mean about address books...!