Friday, February 01, 2008

flickr friday

out my window, just before leaving for class yesterday evening.

of course it rained and blew during my walk to BART, and my umbrella did the flippy-inside-out thing, momentarily spraying me (and anyone in my way). that mother nature (aunty weather?) is such the trickster. i want one of those igloo-dome umbrellas that surrounds you. they should be even longer, like down to the knees. maybe that would be a bit claustrophobia inducing though. i like how those dome ones are transparent too—you're in your own little world in there, looking out.

friday flickr faves:
minikoff's work in progress
leah's muppies
astrid's norway
peperclipp's morning to you


bugheart said...

love that
last photo
have a
(not so windy)

the ghostis said...

I always like reading alternate perspectives of SF in blogland. It's fun to see your photos.

shash said...

hi friends!
ghostis, do you have a blog? the link to blogger isn't working. i know i've gotten comments from you before, but i can't remember if i've been to your blog...or i'm not connecting it with your name.