Wednesday, June 04, 2008

fence kitty

this black cat is on the fence (har har) about entering our yard.

two cool things:

people riding the train more here.
and the california judges standing firm on supporting gay marriage.
(and of course obama as the next US president.)

i just got out my sleeping bag, which i keep in one of those sleeping bag holders. pinky leon was obsessively trying to free the bag from the holder. he LOVES my sleeping bag. he'd spend all his days inside it if he could. i took it out of the holder so he'd stop making such a racket, and since then all has been quiet, and i see the PL lump down at the bottom of the bag. cute.

although sweden is clearly in some global warming f-ed up weather situation, it sure looks nice there right now. all the swedes are out fika-ing in the sun, looks like. harligt. onskar det inte var sa dyrt att aka dit!

i know i've linked to violette's lovely drawings before, but have you seen her cover art set?

taking the cal train+bus to santa cruz tomorrow for some music and relaxation. i haven't been there in forever. when i went up to grass valley last week, i actually got kind of anxious about traveling because it had been a while since i'd gone anywhere. and i'm such a homebody. but once i was away, it was so refreshing, and i realized i really need these little trips and new views/colors! traveling sure can help one get unstuck. we all know this, but sometimes i have to be reminded.

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lisa s said...

have a great trip.
i could use some unsticking.

hope our paths cross sometime soon