Sunday, June 15, 2008

sommar drömmar

seems when summer arrives i always miss sweden more; sweden is so beautiful in the summer, and many of my happiest swedish memories are summer ones.

emma's post about a swedish couple's archipelago house got me dreaming.

here are some photos from the book gotländska sommarhus (summer houses on gotland {island off of the east coast}). i posted some other photos before.

an excellent place to fika.

to take a bath.

to eat a meal.

to eat another meal.

to live simply.

photos by Patric Johansson and Helen Pe. see all photos larger here.


hrsj said...

oh that bathroom is fantastic too!

.girl ferment. said...

oh gee I love that bath.

lottie said...

my idea of heaven - such fantastic images.
I'd so love to live like that.


For several years, I've had a dream about going to Gotland one summer. I've seen photos, it's a beautiful place - I'm thinking it would be great to ride a bike all around the island (now that I think of it, I think this dream was caused by a Swedish book I had in school, where the characters did just that while speaking very basic Swedish ;) ). Living in Finland, fulfilling this dream shouldn't be that hard. Thanks for reminding me...

shash said...

hey gals.
yes, sc, you are close to gotland! you should go and bike around. sounds lovely. would be nice to stay in a beautiful house or stuga too.

fine little day said...

Jag drömmer med dig.

nicole said...

they're all so charming!

lotta said...

Hej Kerstin! Jag älskar Gotland.
I grew up there and got married at Kovik chapel on the west coast of the island. I don't get to go back often enough. Thank you for sharing the photos and for reminding me about our homeland. Cyberkram från Lotta.