Wednesday, June 11, 2008

the goat shuffle

this photo/post is really just an excuse to post all the below links. but we did have goats for a while when i was little. and i did try goat milk—not bad at all. my dad transported the goats to school when i was in kindergarten. it was the best show and tell of the year, if i do say so myself. the goats ran around with us on the black top. they tried out the squiggly lines. jumped the hopscotch. did the goat shuffle and probably tried to eat some shoelaces. they really like to eat shoelaces. and hair.
(did other people have squiggly lines at their school? did other people call the concrete at elementary school the black top?)

one could spend hours looking at goats on flickr. thousands of goats come up if you search goat. there really are a lot of different styles of goat too, i realized. i had to limit myself. so i'm sure there are thousands more great goats out there. but here are some i found (including one trick link, just because goats get you in the tricking mood):

self portrait with a goat named eve
funny goat
goat attack pt.2 biting
lazy goat #2
G for goat
goats again
clever goat
one billy goat gruff
and the one that got me on the goat trail in the first place: the way to beth's heart
(if that doesn't make you say aw, nothing will.)

ok, one more: little goats such floppy ears!

(today i put my bicycle on the two shuttles i take to work and rode it home {because the way home is almost all downhill}. why have i not done this before! oh yeah, cuz sf drivers are crazy. but it was so much fun. i only had to get off and walk for like 3 uphill blocks {such a weakling!}. otherwise it was all smooth sailing across town. i think i'll do this regularly!)


Anonymous said...

styles of goat!

Anya said...

oh my dear, your goats were a major hit in school! And didn't we all take a field trip to your HOUSE to see the animals one time? Did a big school bus actually drive up your hill or did we all have to walk up?? hee hee... Your property was like a summer camp to me... : ) *sigh* I miss those days.

shash said...

yes, that's when hilary fell into a cactus. not sure how we got there. i know the buses wouldn't go up the hill though...

Anonymous said...

I totally remember goat day!! What a great little walk down memory lane :)
Heather de